Can you believe it is almost December?  This year seems to have gone in a flash.  Thinking back to January, I remember my thoughts and aspirations for the year, and all of the things that have happened since.  I'm glad we don't know what is coming, because it might stop us taking leaps of faith and courage to try new things, explore new horizons, and do things that take us into new experiences.
If we wait for the time to be "right" we can spend a lot of time waiting. If we need all of the ducks to be lined up in a row before we make a move, that final duck may never get in line.  Opportunities missed because we didn't have the faith to take a leap into the unknown are opportunities that may never come again.
Think about doors. Do you see them as obstacles, closed? Do they obstruct you from seeing what is beyond? Do you hesitate to turn the handle and see what is beyond?
Or is a door a pathway to another opportunity, another experience, another path?  My belief is that we should push every door we come to, and if it opens, step right through and enjoy what is there.  Keep pushing until one is shut firm, and then go look for another door!