It is the middle of August and already the early mornings are starting to smell like autumn.  The birds sound different - have you noticed that? 
Coaching yesterday with someone who has a challenging work situation, I was reminded how time plays such a huge part in our decisions and thoughts.  There is sometimes a "right" time for a move forward. Waiting for that time can be challenging and we are often impatient to progress and take action. How often have we jumped to respond to an email or phone call that raises our hackles?  I had a boss years ago whose response to a crisis was always to put the kettle on.  By the time the tea ritual had happened, often the crisis had passed, or the solution had made itself clear.  Sleeping on a problem is also good - miraculously, overnight, a solution can spring into our minds and give us the way forward.
Waiting is nearly always a good idea. 
When you aren't sure - wait.