We celebrated my daughter's 38th birthday at the weekend.  It was also my mother's birthday, and the birthday of a colleague and friend, and someone else.  So many celebrations, and time to reflect on what birthdays mean to different people.  For me, it was a time to reminisce about 38 years ago, that long heatwave summer, milk curdling in my sister-in-law's car when she visited us in the hospital.  For my daughter, it was joy at the paintings of her two daughters - already showing the family talent!  It is always good to take time out to make people feel special, to take the time to tell them they are loved, and to remember those who are no longer with us.
My mum was a feisty lady, with lots of prickles and tensions.  But with time I have come to remember her with fondness, and reflect on what she gave me. She was artistic, determined, imaginative and a good organiser. She was also a wonderful cook.  
What are the special attributes of those around you? And what would you list as your strengths?   Focus on the things that make you strong, and successful.