See the black square with the heart carved out of it? It's made of a chunk of wood taken from Ryde Pier when it was refurbished a couple of years back. An enterprising local carpenter bought up all the wood from the repairs and made a whole range of items for people to buy - chunky letters, doorstops, frames - you name it, you could buy it. Of course, supply was limited, so I felt lucky to get my little slice of history. It sits in my garden weathering nicely alongside the chimney pot, rescued when it had to be taken off our roof when it was upgraded a few years ago. Now it provides home to plants, and in spring a riot of red tulips burst from the top, like living flames.
My point? Our focus can change and what we thought was our whole reason for being may be different, but just as important.
If you have to change direction through redundancy or other circumstance, take time to value what you have to offer, and be prepared to be different.  What you have always done may not be what you do in the future.
"If you always do what you have always done, you will always get what you have always got."
Be brave. Dare to think what you could be and do. Life's not a rehearsal, so grab your chance.