Here is the chinese character for "Listen".  You will see that it includes elements for the ears, the eyes, the heart, and also something called undivided attention.  As a Myers Briggs Extravert, I am good at talking, but probably not so good at listening. I have to work hard at that, and there are two quotations that resonate with me.
"The most important thing in communication is hearing what isn't being said"......and
"Drawing on my fine command of language I said nothing"

Both are anonymous, and as a coach, I have found them helpful in reminding me that my role is to hear what is  being said, but also to hear what is unspoken.  And my role isn't to give advice (however tempting that is!) but to help people find their own solutions.  Often people say that just talking something through can bring the solution to the surface.

I have learned that silence can be uncomfortable for some.  There is a temptation to fill the void with words and noise, but silence can be a powerful way of letting an answer emerge. 

Next time you are tempted to fill the space with words, try letting silence weave its magic. Let me know if it helped!