You know those conversations that you run through in your mind?  Things you should have said, but didn't, things you want to say, but you just aren't sure how to tackle them?  The team member who brings negativity to the table, and needs to be told the effect it has on others, the person whose personal hygiene could be better, the colleague who doesn't pull their weight?
C Northcote Parkinson said "The void created by the failure to communicate is soon filled with poison, drivel, and misrepresentation."
There's a really helpful book published by McGraw Hill, called Crucial Conversations.  It provides a really helpful guide to tackling those conversations that really matter, and achieving positive outcomes.  Stephen Covey describes it as a breakthrough book, and was deeply influenced, motivated and even inspired by it.
Of course, coaching helps people achieve results too!  Talking through the issue with your coach, and identifying the options and obstacles can really make a difference to the outcome.