It has been a while since I posted on my blog. A busy time with a lot of development work, MBTI, awaydays, and coaching.  I am grateful for the trust that people put in me and am rewarded with seeing the growth of individuals and teams.  MBTI continues to be a strong and practical way of helping people understand themselves and each other, and I hope that 2014 will continue to see this used.

Now is the time to start planning your new year!  If your preference is for judging, you will probably already have a list of resolutions in preparation. If you prefer perceiving, then you may just wait and see what happens.  But either way, there is evidence to show that what we commit to paper is more likely to happen!  I write a journal every day (OK - almost every day!) and at the beginning of a new year, I reflect on what I set myself as targets for the coming year. Did I achieve them? What shall I carry forward to the new year? What new targets have emerged in the intervening 12 months?  And then there is the bucket list - what shall I add this year? I've ticked off a number from last year - what new adventures await in 2014?