So wonderful to see the sunshine after the long winter!  And how often does it coincide with a school holiday?  Out come the shorts and T shirts. Feet in sandals after all those months covered up.  The first pink blush of sunburn.  But what strikes me is how differently people react to the change in the weather. Some are right there in the whole summer kit, striding along, pale skin out there ready to catch the rays.  Others are still sporting jackets, scarves, boots even.  As if somehow they don't trust what their eyes are seeing. It might disappear if they change their clothes!  
We all come to a situation with a different perspective and response.  We can only respond from our own experience, and we can project that experience onto others, reading their response according to our mindset.  There is the opportunity for misunderstanding, and a mismatch of communication, which could be resolved if we just did one thing:
Take the time to have empathy with another person. Think about what their story might be, how they might be feeling about a given situation. Ask them what they think.  Put yourself in their shoes. Communication is a two way process, and we often make the mistake of thinking that someone knows about something because we have told them. But we may not have checked out what they heard.  Was it the same as what we thought we had told them?  Sounds simple, but it is the root of many a misunderstanding.