As 2014 comes to an end, and 2015 is just over the horizon, what do you see ahead?  Are you filled with anticipation at the opportunities that you have laid out ahead or are you stuck, looking at the obstacles right in front of your nose?
Now is the time to clear the decks, do the housekeeping, tidy up loose ends and make way for a whole new year of opportunity and achievement!
It doesn't have to be all at once: sometimes just making a list of what needs to be done is enough to kick start the motivation.  Do you need to look for a new challenge? Is there one staring you in the face that you aren't sure whether to grab?  Do you need help to find your way?  
Put away all those tired old excuses.  Think of what you could look back on in 12 months time, and what you would like to be able to say you have achieved.  
Most importantly, make a start!