Cairns - stacks of rocks - point the way for us.  They are a message: "come this way!" to guide us.  Here's one I came across on a beach in California a few years ago.  It reminds me of a time when I was transitioning from one job to another, and wasn't sure if the way I had chosen was the right one. 

Looking back, I know it was a good direction, and the years unfolded filled with opportunity, enrichment and achievement. Right now, I'm wondering what the future holds.  I'm not sure what is ahead, whether it will be different, a new path, or a variation on what I am doing right now.

We sometimes wish we could see the future, and understand what is ahead. I have a dear friend who is facing the final stages of cancer, and the ultimate journey.  We have to trust that the future ahead is, to a large extent, beyond our control. We can influence to a certain extent, but we have to trust that we have done our best to prepare for what is ahead, and be ready to deal with whatever is ahead.  

Attitude plays a huge part. Do you assume that what is coming will be bad? Do you anticipate change with dread? Is a huge challenge something to be feared?  Or do you have wide open arms, that welcome whatever comes, as enriching, energising and enthralling?  How you respond will influence what happens.   

That millisecond between seeing what is in front of you, and your response, is the chance you have to influence what happens next.   Take that millisecond and use it to decide!