With so much happening in the world, and so many conflicting priorities, it is easy to jump from one thing to another, losing sight of the goal.
Keeping your focus on the objective ahead will make sure you put all of your energy into what matters most. Where do you want to get to? Is this current activity helping you get there? No?  Then ditch it.  Focus on doing the things that get you where you want to go.  Be clear with yourself. Learn to say no.  Do what matters most to you.
Are you side-tracked by getting sucked in to other people's agendas?  Sometimes it is important to give help and support to someone, even if it isn't part of your bigger plan. But be clear with yourself. What's your motivation in this?  Manage your diary so that you leave plenty of time for your journey to achieving your vision.  
Don't be a butterfly!  It's something I see myself doing - starting something, answering an email that takes me somewhere else, then a phone call. Then remembering I have to complete something else.  Result? Nothing gets done properly.  Are you someone who keeps looking at emails throughout the day?  Give yourself some boundaries. Check them morning, midday, afternoon - and leave them alone between. Don't leave them open on your computer! You won't be able to resist when a new one pops in.
The word that sums all of this up is FOCUS!