Walking the beach every day is a blessing that energises and gives me time to think. While I'm thinking, I'm learning, and while I'm learning, I'm growing.  It's a special time of the day that lets me focus on what is important, solve problems, and generate ideas. Of course, there is the other side of it, too.  I have a jar of little yellow shells that I pick up as I walk. I don't see them on any other beaches than the one near my home.  They catch the sunlight as they sit in the jar on the windowsill and remind me of warm sun on my back on a summer day.  I also pick up sea glass...those little pieces of glass, worn by the sea and the rocks into little rounded gems.  The green ones are easy to spot amongst the sand and rocks, and the clear glass catch the sunlight. Brown ones are harder to find, as they blend in with what is around them.  The special ones are blue - in years I have only found two or three, and they are like gems.  Yesterday my walk was rewarded with a red one. A ruby red chunk of glass rounded by its time in the sea, and shining at the water's edge. It reminded me of a chinese proverb: "A gem is not polished without rubbing, nor a man perfected without trials".  
Remember you are a gem - there's just the one of you, and whatever struggles you encounter, you can shine.