It may be snowing here in the UK, but somewhere in the world, flowers are blooming and this reminds me that spring won't be far away. We just need to use the time we have until everything starts to come alive to focus on preparation.
This Robin keeps busy whatever the weather. It's tempting to hibernate, and put off the things that will keep you moving towards your goal. Remind yourself what you are working towards and make a list of what you can do now to keep going.
This rose is blooming right now (OK, in a garden in Californa. Thanks Marian for the photo!) and the roses in your garden may look dead and lifeless. But you KNOW they are going to spring into life in just a few weeks. By June you will be enjoying them. 
But without some pruning and feeding, they won't be the best they can be. 
What do you need to do to be the best you can be?