As December storms its way out, with rain, wind, thunder and lightening I look over the horizon to a new year, another chance to set myself some goals and excitement at the thought of the opportunities that it will bring.
Just past the shortest day - spring and summer are on their way!  Inch by inch, the new shoots will appear in the garden, giving us proof that a new year is underway.
What new things will I add to my bucket list? What have I ticked off?  What do I want to carry forward to next year?  It feels like a spring clean with a chance to dust off the things that matter, and discard those that are now not relevant.  
I have a new journal to begin, and fresh pages to write. The blank pages of the new book are an inspiration to fill them with positives and challenges that I face, and I can't wait to get started. This year's journal is all but filled and it will find a home on the shelf to be looked at when I need reminding of all the good things that I have achieved. 
I hope that 2013 has been good for you, and that 2014 will be even better!