This cow looks a bit like I feel about the upcoming referendum on the EU. Should we be in or out?  Confused? We should be!
On the one hand, we are told we must stay in for all kinds of economic reasons.  On the other hand, the GO! campaign tells us we should leave to regain our sovereignty, autonomy and control of our borders. 
I'm blowing hot and cold, just like the cow in the picture.  
Still, we have a while to wait before we have to make our decisions. No doubt in the meantime we will be bombarded with two opposing campaigns giving us chapter and verse on what we must do. I am wondering if it would be a wise time to head for a desert island with no communications, and bask in the sunshine while the battle for the high ground goes on.

What do we need to do when something as important as this comes up?  What if it were a decision on whether to take a job offer, working for a company that you know isn't your first choice...but the package is top notch?  I have a couple of things that can help.  A list of pros and cons, listing the positives and negatives may help illuminate your decision.  Think of all the things that will make it worthwhile, and all the things you might regret.  And ask yourself, when you look back in years to come, will you tell yourself, it was a good, honourable, and forward thinking plan. Or will you kick yourself for taking a wrong turn?   What would the wisest person you know tell you to do?  What would you tell yourself to do if you knew how it would turn out?

Sometimes, the lure of the short term gain is outweighed by the long term future we know is right for us.  

Whatever you decide, go for it 100%!