Those storms just keep on going - a message for me that resilience is key. No good getting through one storm, you need to be strong enough to cope with whatever comes along.  The last month has been a challenge for me: burglary, terminal illness of a dear friend, and storms - but the new year brings hope and a chance to reflect on what I need to do to get through.  
Strength has many different faces.  We don't have to butt up against challenges, because sometimes fighting is not what is needed. Strong people are the ones that know when to find a way around an obstacle, change direction, accept what is inevitable with serenity and calm.
For 2014, I am resolved to be more of the calm accepter, and less of the challenger. Though sometimes that is what is needed - what I need to learn is what and when!
This year, I am going to build memories with my grandchildren, make every day count, and appreciate what I have.  Today we have a lull between the storms (though they are forecast to return!) and I am going to celebrate sunshine, and the fact that the porch roof isn't dripping today!