The boss - what kind are you? And what kind do you have? Our Queen could be descibed as the "boss" of our country, and is held in great affection by the people. But is she soft? Not a bit.  The attributes that have made her great are the very same as those that make a good boss.  Firm, Fair, consistent, knowledgeable and clear about what she expects.
I remember going for a job interview many years ago and being asked what kind of management style I preferred. It was way before I had done any management training, and I was at a loss. But it made me think.  Of course I didn't get the job - I was way too inexperienced, and it set me on a path to find out what management styles there were, and hungry to gain experience so that I could be a better manager. 
They say we don't leave jobs, we leave bad managers, and I believe that is true. I have a picture in my head of a manager leading "from the front" who is charging ahead, full of confidence and enthusiasm, but failing to notice that the team are lagging way behind, not engaging with the task either because they don't agree with it or don't understand it.
A manager that involves the team in decisions, engages them in the process, and makes sure they understand what is happening will have a greater chance of success and will be more likely to have a team that is high performing.
If your manager doesn't fit this description, what can you do about it?  Well, you can move on - or you can stay and change your approach.  Ask what is happening, offer to undertake projects, question, challenge, engage.
Use your appraisal to ask for more responsibility, and make yourself useful to the manager.  Ask if they have any books on management you can borrow - what do they have in their bookcase? Does it tell you anything? 
Get hold of a copy of Steve Radcliffe's "How to make a bigger Difference" and lend it to them. (read it yourself, too!)