Here we are - first day of spring. The sun is shining, the sky is blue - primroses and daffodils blooming.  Except that when you step outside it is very chilly!  An improvement on rain and wind, though.  Last night talking to my cousin in California, she was battening down the hatches with a storm that was blowing hard, with lashing rain.  
Hope for the best and prepare for the worst is a good motto....ready for anything that life throws at us. And it surely does, sometimes.  For those who believe in prayer, one of my favourites is "God give me patience...but hurry!"  If only we knew what was coming, and could get on with things. Waiting is a trial of patience and endurance, and brings out qualities in ourselves that we might be surprised at.  You've all seen what happens in queues.  The patient, polite, British approach, standing in line, and accepting the wait.  Then there is the person who thinks they are more important and they come along and push right in the front.  We either accept it, inwardly cursing their rudeness, or we challenge the way they are breaking the rules.  It can get heated, with seemingly well behaved citizens wielding shopping bags to berate the person who has pushed in. In other cultures, queuing is a complete anathema - it's every man or woman for themselves. A rowdy gaggle means that the strongest pushes their way to the front, but that is how they do it.
I like queues. They give us a chance to see what is ahead - how many people, how long each one takes at the counter, people watching.  You can guess how long you will be in the queue, and of course, the other queues always seem to move faster, don't they?  You can see people changing queues and trying to get ahead of the system.   
But I think it is best to take your turn, practice patience, and even give up your place to someone who seems stressed and in a hurry. Random acts of kindness....