the changing seasons bring us sensory overload. Bright sunshine, misty mornings, rainbows, showers, and dropping temperatures.  Spiders webs glisten with dew in the hedgerows, and there are blackberries to pick, berries for the birds, and apples to make crumble. It is somehow comforting to leave summer behind (at least we can stop hoping for warm sunshine!) and think about wrapping up warm. A time to think about reframing.  
So....leaving summer behind and all that we expect of it, what can we expect of autumn and heading into winter? Today's paper predicts a long cold winter. Is it time to get that pristine journal out and start writing that book? Is it time to start putting a new CV together that will take you one step nearer your dream career?
One thing is certain. If you don't take the first step, you will stay right where you are.  So make a list. Plan your journey and take the first steps towards the future you.