And what better way to spend a Monday, than walking the beach, which just happens to be at the end of my road?  A June morning and the beach is almost empty. We've had a dismal summer so far, but today is one of those perfect summer days, with sunshine and a light breeze.  I manage 3 miles, which makes me feel virtuous. It's one of my promises to myself that I will get more exercise once I am no longer employed full time, and it is much easier to stick to promises when the sun is shining!  They say that we are more likely to achieve our goals if we write them down and that is just what I have done. For the past 6 months I have been keeping a journal, and I called it my Attitude of Gratitude journal. Every day, I have been writing down the things that are good in my life, and recording the plans for the future. In the back of the journal is my bucket list of things I want to achieve. Walking the beach was one of them!
Writing down what you hope to achieve is the first step in achieving your goals, and even a small step towards a goal is a step in the right direction.  What goal do you have?