An article in the Mail on Sunday by Jane Mulkerrins talks about Susan Cain's book on Introversion.  MBTI types can either like Introversion or Extraversion -  and this book focuses on those who prefer introversion.  She advises on how to get the best out of life in work, in love, in public speaking, and as students.  She offers some ways of maximising your potential as an introvert in this very extravert world that we live in.  When I am coaching introverts, it is clear that the extraverts in the world make lots of noise, and can easily dominate meetings and the workplace. Introverts have to work harder to be heard, and have to find ways to shine.

Susan's book has become a global bestseller: "Quiet: the Power of Introverts in a World That Can't stop Talking".  It led to Time Magazine featering her in a cover story, and she delivered a TED talk speech - Google it!

Susan advised introverts to make sure they are doing things they enjoy - it isn't rocket science - but for someone struggling in an extravert world, maybe there is some advice that may help grow the extravert muscle and help achieve development.