So here we are, the last day of 2012. A year ago, I was working full time for the NHS and caught up in the reorganisations that have made so many changes to the NHS we know (and love?). 
And now that I am an independent coach, I can tell you that life is good, and that there is a life after the NHS.
But in order to adapt you have to give yourself up to change, and let the new world take shape. It doesn't happen overnight - there is no big bang.  It is only now, looking back after 6 months, that I can see how the changes have worked through.
I savour the new year with anticipation.  2013...what will it bring?
One of the lessons I have learned is that an open mind is one that allows new ideas in, and lets the unknown appear, like a magical gift, to transform and revitalise.
My bucket list, drawn up a year ago, has lots of ticks against the challenges I set myself.  But more importantly, there are a whole list of things not foreseen or imagined that have filled my life with joy and happiness. 
I have no idea what 2013 will bring, but I know that I will learn from whatever comes along, asking myself that vital question: "What can I take away from this experience?" so that I continue to grow and learn.
What is important? Family, friends, health.