You know how it many of us reach the end of December and another year ends with us reflecting on what we have achieved during the year.  We maybe sit down and make a list of resolutions for the coming year.  The first of January comes and we are all geared up to make it happen, and we are filled with optimism, energy and drive to make this the year we achieve.  And then by April, somehow, obstacles have got in the way, our momentum has slowed, and we slowly lose the fire that got us going in the first place.
I've got a suggestion. How about reducing the pressure on that big list? What would it feel like if every Monday had a resolution, something achieveable, a small step towards a bigger vision?
There's nothing to stop you having the big vision, the plan for the year, the overall objective.  But break it down into bite size chunks, and each Monday, as you start the new week, set yourself a goal for the next seven days that will be a contribution to your bigger vision.  So if the goal is to get a new job, make this the week you review your CV.  Make a list of achievements, strengths, and things you are proud of.