Are you in it for the long haul, or wanting instant results?  
Sometimes the path may not be straight, like this one in a bluebell wood on the Isle of Wight. It may not even be clearly marked.  There may be crossroads where you have to take decisions- left or right?- which is best?   And it may not be easy. There may be hard going - it could be difficult and hard work, and you could get challenged by obstacles, and find it really tiring. 
Does that mean you should take the easy road? Does it lead to the same place?
Of course not!  Wide, straight and easy doesn't necessarily take you anywhere you want to be.
So choose your path with care.  Be prepared for tough decisions, hard work, and staying power.  The end result, though, will be worth it.
When you turn the final corner, and see the bluebells spread in front of you in a magical vista of colour, you will know it was worth the mud, the sweat and the aching muscles.  
So - don't always expect an instant result.  Set your sights on your goal, and be prepared to work for it.  Accept the knocks along the way.  They are learning opportunities.  Grab them.  
And when you get there, you will appreciate all the more the results of your hard work.  Just keep going....
never, never, ever give up!