After the NHS, What?  The largest employer after the chinese army and the Indian railways, the NHS is going through upheaval,  change on a scale that it has not seen in all its existence. Staff are feeling insecure, and uncertain of what the future holds for them.

Thankfully, the NHS also has visionaries who will paint the picture for the future and one lesson I have learned in life is that whatever is happening, there is always learning to be had, and moving forward is what it is about.  I'm leaving the NHS to become an independent coach and facilitator, and look forward to helping people grow and develop - not just in the NHS.

I'm excited about the future and what it will bring.  But then I am an optimist - glass half full - and ENTP who sees the bigger picture, in Myers Briggs terms.  Myers Briggs is one of the most widely used diagnostic tools in the world, with millions of reports produced each year, in many different languages. Did you know that the Americans have different questions to the UK, despite sharing the same language? (Well, even that is doubtful....faucet? Sidewalk? Pants?)  That's because their culture is so different to ours, and the questions reflect their world, as the UK questions reflect ours.