One of my favourite pastimes is walking on the beach. I am lucky that I live just two streets away from a long, sandy beach, and walking and beachcombing give me time to think and plan.  And of course, I can't resist picking things up and bringing them home.  I have several things that catch my eye. Tiny yellow shells that I don't find anywhere else in the world, and driftwood that is soft and grey.  Best of all, beach glass. Those little rounded pieces of glass that the sea and sand have tumbled into gems of the sea.  They started life as broken glass, with sharp edges and potential to harm, but the sea works its magic and throws back little coloured pieces for us to enjoy. There are so many different things to be done with them, and the excitement of finding the rare colours - blue, or even red - it just makes my day!
And you know by now that there is a message - what is it this time? That however sharp the edges, there is the potential for change, for a different life, for a new role. Broken glass turns into something that can be cherished and used again in a different way.  I have a jar of glass on the windowsill, layers of colour catching the light. I also make pictures and jewellery out of the glass I find, and they find their way into homes, giving pleasure again after their time in the sea.
If you had the chance to change, what would you choose for your next chapter?