Michael S Haro, PhD, a psychologist and management consultant based in Houston, Texas, and founder of the Center for Change Management, (relevant now, for those working in the NHS!) is the author of " Self Coaching - Your Self-Mastery Road Map."  It's one of those little gem books that runs to less than 100 pages, but is jam packed with useful toolkit ideas for people to help themselves.
It raises the question - can you coach yourself?  Of course you can!  But beware of blind spots.  One of the useful roles that a coach can fulfil is acting as the holder of the mirror.  Holding the mirror up to yourself so that you can see the blind spots that you might otherwise miss.  They can ask the challenging questions that you carefully avoid - and persist in digging deeper and deeper until you get to the heart of the issue that is holding you back.  Of course, that may be uncomfortable! You may at times wish that they would leave well alone, and let you persist in your comfortable, but un-stretched place.
TS Eliot said " Only those who risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go."  You may convince yourself that you are living life on the edge - but are you?  Are you really several paces back from the edge, taking a very safe glimpse over the edge, but really not ready to jump at all?
My very aged Canadian aunt once told me that if you weren't living life on the edge, you were probably taking up too much space.  She'd lived a lifetime of exciting and edgy experiences, and died knowing that her life had been full and rewarding. 
I constantly ask myself if I am living up to her advice.
Michael's book has good learning and activities to get you started on your journey - good luck!