Where has the summer gone? And I hear you say - "what summer?"  Wettest August on record,too.  Now the children are back at school, the sun has come out and we can hope for an Indian summer, maybe. 
This chicken sums up how it has felt the last few weeks, as my daughter, son in law and two grand daughters moved to Dubai to work.  A wonderful new beginning for them, and an adventure that will fill their hearts and minds with excitement as they experience wonderful new things.
They say you need to give your children roots to grow and wings to fly.  I am looking forward to Christmas when they will be back with tales of their adventures.
I do believe that we should embrace the new with both hands, wholeheartedly throwing ourselves into the opportunities that are there in front of us, if we just open our eyes to see what is there.  Today I am at the launch of a new art exhibition at our local hospice - and all of the art has been created by someone who started painting 9 months ago following the loss of their teenage son.  
Good luck Helen!