This past week I have unexpectedly and joyfully re-united with a whole string of people that I care about but had lost touch with.  Each one has been a part of my life at different times, and in different ways.  Someone I shared social work training with, someone who used to work for me, someone who went to school with my son.  All happened to be where I was visiting at the same time...joyful and wonderful and unexpected. Who knows how or why these things come along, but I'm grabbing the chance to re-connect with each of them. Serendipity.

In a similar way, I was talking to someone about an art exhibition I am planning in aid of a charity close to my heart, and it turned out this person, an artist, suffers from the same condition - she didn't know that there was a charity that supported people locally.   Serendipity.

Life is full of opportunities and sometimes we pass them by because we don't see they are there. I recently advised someone who is launching a new career as an independent to keep her eyes wide open so she can see the things that happen along.  She has just accepted her first pro bono piece of work.