The Tango is a sensuous dance, and this picture highlights, for me, the role of the woman who stands out in bright red.  The picture has recently been on display at the Apollo Theatre on the Isle of Wight, and is an example of my "other" life as a watercolour artist.  
Do you have more than one life? Often we portray a side of ourselves at work that is completely at odds with the persona at home, and with family.
Why do we do this? Is it about compartmentalising our lives, so that we keep things in "boxes" to control how we are perceived?
Or maybe we wear a cloak of seriousness and authority when we are at work, to maintain our gravitas and credibility.  Sometimes we discover that the person we have known for years at work is a completely different person outside of the office. Who would have thought that Tim, the serious manager, is actually an avid line dancer? Would we take him as seriously if we could picture that when we are in a board meeting with him?
Since I worked independently I have discovered the parts of my life that are important and I've been growing the artistic side of "me".  It's liberating to spend time doing what I love!
What would you change about your priorities if you could choose?