Have you heard of Steven Covey's Seven Habits?  His simple approach to success involves adopting behaviours that might seem obvious, but they are well proven, and his book is well worth a read.
One of his quotes is:
"The key is not spending time, but is investing it."

  • make time for things you WANT to do
  • clear paperwork in one hit
  • deal with the worst first
  • Say NO!
  • clear tasks each day
  • keep positive attitudes and opinions
  • be clear about what you are worth - what would your hoursly/daily rate be?

And do you know what?  if you are going to do something wrong, at least enjoy it!

Chris Cooks said "You are the mistakes you have made. You are the lessons you have learned."

Life would be dull if we didn't take risks, try out new things, and go for the challenging option.  You know the saying: Life is not a rehearsal.  Don't look back and wish you had done the things you dreamed of. If they don't go according to plan, learn from the experience and try again.