Time and again, when I am coaching, the theme of control comes up.  A sense of being "out of control" or being controlled by others - even losing control, and being powerless. Yesterday I was talking to someone who felt that they needed to control every element of their lives if they were to cope with everything that was going on.  We talked about letting go of just one small thing to test how that might feel, and it made me think about how hard it is to not have control of our lives.
This picture highlights how we can see a small portion of what is ahead of us - through that portal, there is a small glimpse of a rockpool, some sea - but what is through the archway? Is it a heavenly beach with golden sand, deserted and ready for me to relax - or perhaps it is rocky, filled with seaweed, and a treacherous cliff that overhangs, threatening rockfalls and danger.  We don't know what is ahead. We can stay where we are, and not take any risks, retaining control. Or we can take a step into the unknown, and take a chance that we might, just might, find something that is worthwhile and that we won't regret. True, it might not be good - but they say that we only learn by making mistakes.  
With 2015 coming to an end, is it time for you to plan a brave leap into the unknown for next year? What might you do, if you just tried it?  Stay in control, and stay put.  Take a risk, and see where it takes you!