T. S Eliot said: "Only those who risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go."

You can stay safe, work within what you know, never apply for jobs that are outside your abilities, and know that you won't fail.  But what will you have missed?

If you don't stretch yourself and try reaching for the stars, you will stay within that comfortable place and possibly miss out on growing and achieving things you didn't know you could.

If people didn't stretch out into the unknown, we wouldn't have space travel, the internal combustion engine, and the host of inventions that fill our lives and that we take for granted.  What is there yet to discover?  What do you have yet to discover about yourself?

If you were to go to bed tonight, and a miracle happened while you were asleep that enabled you to achieve something that you believe is outside your reach, what would it be?  And what would you need to do to make it within your reach?

Is it really outside your reach? Or are their imaginary blocks that let you stay within your comfort zone?