Coaching can help you to find answers, clarify a way forward, improve your confidence.  What it doesn't do is offer you solutions.  As a coach, I start from a belief that you have all the resources that you need within you.  My job is to help you find those resources, so that you can identify the solutions for yourself.

I'm not going to make suggestions or tell you what to do!  The wonderful thing about coaching is that it helps you to find the answers for yourself.  It is truly rewarding when a client has a "light bulb moment" and is able to see the way forward for themselves.  Sometimes they have known the answer all along - they just couldn't see it. 

I'm like a mirror, held up so that you can see for yourself what is there.  I might challenge you to see things that are current blind spots for you - and I might push you to make decisions. But they will be YOUR decisions.