What is on your mind? Is there something niggling away at you, taking your energy and focus, and distracting you from the positive way forward?
I remember years ago an NLP teacher asking someone in the group who just couldn't stop focusing on something back "at the office" to concentrate on that issue, opening her hands into a cup shape, holding that issue in the palms of her hands. She asked her to carry that issue outside of the room that we were using, and leave it outside the door.
Just so much mumbo jumbo?  Whatever it was, it worked. She was able to focus on the group session, and picked up the issue on her way out.
Do you believe that Neuro Linguistic Programming is good or evil? Some people think that it is a devious way to get people to do what they want you to.  A car salesman, for example, might use NLP to tip the scales on your decision to go ahead and make the purchase.  
If it is used subversively for gain, I believe it is wrong.  But if it is used with positive intent, then it is a powerful way to achieve progress.  
So focus on what is bugging you. Imagine you are putting it in a box. Close the box.  Put the box on a shelf and leave it behind. Move on.  Surprisingly, when you come back to the box, you may have a new perspective on the matter. A new insight.  
Give it a try! what have you got to lose?