This time last year it was snowing. This year, not even a frost worth a mention.  Just wind, rain and more of the same.  But it will change, we will have better weather, and the sun will shine. We will be able to take off the winter clothes, and enjoy warm sun, walking the beach, and long, hot days.
Well, that is where I am looking ahead to, anyway!
Do we have a choice? Is there any influence we can bring to bear on the way our lives work out?  I think we do make the lives we have.  We can choose to take steps towards the life we want, or we can spend our energy railing against the awfulness of the now.
So, plan for sun, plan for better days, plan for how you will use the time.  You have control of some things, if not all.  Make sure you are ready so that you can take full advantage of it.
Beware the tyranny of when! (When I have this, it will be better, when I have achieved that, it will be OK, when I have this amount of money, I can be a success......) Focus instead on what you have right now.  Be happy to live in the here and now, while planning towards the goals that you have set yourself.
So. It is not snowing. I can get outside and take photos of the emerging spring flowers.  I can see nature is striving to move us into the next chapter. I'm going with it!